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Some of the more frequently asked questions received by the Membership staff are:


How long has the club been in existence?
The Ocean Reef Club began as a small fishing camp in 1948 and over the years grew as the member’s wanted to spend more time and expand their activities beyond the wide array of fishing options to include golf, tennis, yachting, dining, flying, shopping, swimming and much, much more.

How big is Ocean Reef?
The Land the club occupies is approximately four miles long and a mile wide. This encompasses 2500 acres. However a portion of this land also includes a national wildlife sanctuary so in addition to the planned landscaping throughout the club there is an abundance of wildlife in the form of majestic and tropical birds including our very own Osprey that has made its home in the middle of one of our two Golf Courses.

Do any famous people live or belong to the club?
One of the great features of a private club such as Ocean Reef is the privacy. Many of our members can come with their family and feel that they are home, away from prying eyes and curious onlookers. Someone famous, whether from business or entertainment is just like everyone else here at the club, a member.

Do people live there year round?
Yes. With a shopping village and all the conveniences of a big city wrapped in a small town atmosphere we have many members that have decided to make this their home. The availability of a PreK3-8th grade school in the club adds to the amenities that make year around living at Ocean Reef Club a great choice for many of our Equity Members.

Do you have a hotel or inn?
Yes, in addition to property owning members we have Members that don’t own property and they will visit the club for holidays and family get away staying in our 144 room Inn or one of our many Vacation Rental properties.

Are you pet friendly?
We Love Pets! Every Spring is our “May Day Pet Parade” where the Pets are the stars! Depending on where you might be staying there is availability for smaller pets to visit with their owners. For our members we have not one but two Dog parks located within the Club. One of the parks is dedicated to smaller dogs under 25 pounds. There is also a Veterinary office in the club as well, where they can see to a wide variety of pets.

Is there a beach?
There is a beautiful lagoon adjacent to the Ocean surrounded by white sandy beach. Along with a variety of water toys for young and old alike. This area is combined with our Beach grill, bar and two pools that all comprise what we call Buccaneer Island and it is a favorite spot for our member and their children.

Is it safe?
We are located on a peninsula with one road leading into the club. That road has a guard gate that is manned 24 hours a day. Arrival by water means arrival through one of our canals or the main channel which are all monitored electronically as well as observed through security boat patrols. We have on site security plus the Monroe County Sheriff’s office has an Ocean Reef Substation with 5 deputies assigned to cover the Club and surrounding area.

Our community security staff also are firefighter and paramedic certified with an on-site fire station. There is a world class medical center at the club that provides private medicine, executive wellness programs health assessments and physical therapy. They also have a visiting specialist program for any needs our members might desire as well as full time physicians on staff.

So yes, this is a great place to feel safe, sound and secure.


How far is Key West?
We are at the very “top” of the Florida Keys on the northern edge of Key Largo. Key West is 112 miles at the very “bottom” of the Florida Keys.

What is the nearest airport?
Well the Closest airport is right here at the club with over a 4,000’ runway for private aviation. The closest international airport is Miami which is a 50-55 minute ground transfer.

How large a plane can you land at the Ocean Reef Club Airport?
There are a variety of aircraft including many of the fractional jet company's fleets that can be accommodated for landing at the Club.

Does the club offer transportation on the club grounds?
On the Club grounds there are many options but the most preferred by our members is to use their own golf car for their transportation needs. This is so popular that the Club also provides a rental program for golf cars if you don’t have your own! However should you choose to not rental golf car, and if you don’t have a car of your own our Bell staff has a fleet of vehicles that can provide transportation anywhere on club property on request.

Is there transportation available to from the airport, can you rent a car there?
We have an onsite rental car agency and private limousine company that can provide chuffer driven transportation anywhere outside of the club.

What is the Dress Code?
The dress code varies depending on the activity or venue. Please click here to view the detailed dress code.

How many Restaurants, Lounges and bars are there at the club?
There are over a dozen options for dining, snacking, drinking, watching sports, listening to music, dancing, relaxing and enjoying good company here at the club. From local seafood and vegetables grown right down the road to internationally acclaimed chef wine dinners the array of dining options seems limitless.

Does the Club have any Debt?
All of the operating costs and capital development are funded through the club operations without taking on debts. This lack of debt service costs enables the club to maintain all facilities in top condition while focusing on the horizon of what is still to come.

Where are the members from?
There is a heavy contingency of members from the Mid-West, North east and Florida. But don’t let that fool you, the club has a large population from Canada and representation from countries around the world.


How does a member sponsor a guest?
For our Property owning member (we call them Equity Members as they own the club) they will just fill out a form on line or provide that same form in person to our membership office and they can sponsor a guest into the club. Our Social Members can follow the same process but must accompany the guest on club property.

How can I come visit the club if it is private?
There are several ways you can visit the club to learn more about all that we offer and our unique lifestyle. If you are not visiting as a guest of a member you can contact our membership department at 305 367 – 5921 to discuss the possibility of a guest stay. You could also visit during our Vintage Weekend, which is the first week in December each year and showcases Vintage Automobiles, Aircraft and Yachts with the only restriction for visiting is that you must buy the full weekend and event package.

Summer camps for children offer another opportunity. While your child is attending one of our special camps that include Golf Camp, Tennis Camp, Diving Camp, Orvis Fly Fishing Camp, and several others, you may stay as a guest in the inn or our Vacation rentals.

We also provide an opportunity for corporations to host their meetings, events, board retreats and other business conferences at the club and you may visit as a participant in one of these programs.

How can I visit on my boat?
The same opportunities may apply to your visit by boat. It can all start with a call to our Membership department.

As an invited guest, can I invite a guest of my own?
No, this privilege is reserved only for our members.

As a member how do I sponsor guests?
There is a simple form that must be filled out to sponsor a guest.


What kinds of memberships are there?
There are four main types:
Equity – This membership owns property at the club that can include a Dock or condominium and with this Membership comes Voting rights and ownership of the club itself. Ocean Reef Club is a Member owned club and this is the category of Membership that maintains that Ownership.

Social – Living outside of the Monroe County and Miami-Dade County boarder this membership provides access to the club and its facilities on a limited basis. We also have a Local Membership that provides both a Year around and summer only option, this is the membership available to our Miami-Dade and Monroe County Members.

Legacy – This membership is reserved for the children and grandchildren of equity members. Legacy members are afforded the same privileges as their parents or grandparents.

What are the Fees for membership?
Like many clubs there is an initiation fee and annual dues. While the fees vary depending on the type of membership you are considering, the ongoing cost of membership is much lower than most other club communities. In addition to that, for those that are considering Equity ownership we have one of the highest returns on that initiation fee. Please contact our membership office for specific pricing information and a better understanding of the value in Club Membership.

Is the initiation fee for Social Membership transferable or refundable?
It is not refundable but it can be applied to an Equity Membership if you choose to buy a property within the first 5 years of your Social Membership.

If I use the club less do I pay lower fees?
The Dues for each type of Membership are the same for all Members in that category. Some categories of Membership have limits on how often you can visit the club. An enrollment Manager in our membership office can walk you through how to get the most from your membership with the Club.

Do you have Affiliate Offers?
Yes, we have Affiliate Clubs. They offer additional benefits to our members.

How many members are there?
There are approximately 1,600 Equity Memberships that own property at the club. This includes docks and condominiums. Our Social and Local members comprise a little over 2,000 additional memberships. We also have a special category for the children of our Equity Members (Legacy Members) that is 900 strong.

Do you offer a corporate membership?
There is one type of Corporate Membership available in the Social and Local Member Categories an Enrollment Manager can assist in understanding how this program works.

Is there an F&B minimum?
Only for our Equity Membership Category and that is very low at $600 per year.

Why should I join now?
This is one of our favorite questions. After all, the club has been here for 65 years, we’re not going anywhere, what is the rush? There are two reasons, the first is family. Have you had that feeling that time is speeding up, that we need to slow down to spend quality time with family and close friends? That we don’t want to miss out on the special moments with our children or grandchildren? This is the place where you can do that. Not just a slogan about some imaginary lifestyle that you’re missing out on but a very real place where generations of families return every year and every generation to experience so much of what we all remember childhood should feel like. At the same time, and this is the second reason; while those kids are making lifelong friends and memories this is a chance to take care of you, with the things you like to do. Yet you can still be around family while you are enjoying them.

We say this is our favorite question because the answer to it can only come from you. And to arrive at that answer you really need to understand this unique club and experience it firsthand. Then you will understand and your only regret; mind you, we hear this again and again, is that you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.


Do you have activities for the children?
Yes. We have such a wide variety that there is an entire recreation department dedicated to “fun”.

Do you have camps for the children?
Yes. Visit our page that describes the amazing and fun camp options for a wide range of interests and age groups.

Do you have baby sitters and children’s programs, what ages?
Yes, we can provide babysitters to come to your home, Inn room or vacation rental. You may also enroll your child ages 4-10 in Reef Club Kids. Programs for older children are available during peak seasons, check This Week at The Reef for schedule.

Can my child drive a golf cart?
Member’s children 10 years old can take a written test and earn a learners permit for driving the golf car with a licensed driver. At 12 they can take a driving test and if they pass they will receive their golf car drivers license.

Can I have a Wedding at the club?
Many of our members not only have held weddings for their family at the club but often our bride and groom to be first met at the club! Ocean Reef Club is a wonderful place for a destination wedding that can make your dream day a true reality. It may be possible for a non-member to consider the club for their special day and that inquiry starts with our membership team.

About Property Ownership, do members rent their homes?
Some have chosen to place their property in the Club’s Vacation Rental Pool and we have over 120 properties ranging from Oceanfront and golf course views to condominiums and Marina Docks.

What do I need to do to buy a home there?
Once you have decided that Our Unique Way of Life suites your lifestyle we put you in touch with one of the Real Estate companies that specialize in the Ocean Reef Club. They can help you search for the perfect home. Our membership team works closely with these Real Estate Professionals to make your transition to Equity membership and home or dock ownership smooth.

What is the range of prices?
With a wide range of property options and sizes the associate selling price is just a broad starting at $300,000 for some of the Docks and condominiums to north of $10,000,000 for select island homes.


How large a vessel can you accommodate?
We are most comfortable accommodating yachts up to 160’

What is the draft on approach and in the marina?
At low tide the shallow point in our channel is 6’. High tide provides 8 ½ foot of draft.

Do you have pump out available?
Yes this is available at every slip in the Marina.


How many Golf Courses are there?
There are two very different courses. The first is the Dolphin and it is the Member’s favorite. With wider fairways and forgiving rough our members score well and play well on these 18 holes. The second course is the Hammock Course and our members have a fond affection for it offering this advice “bring balls”. 18 holes built into a wildlife sanctuary you often don’t see another player, home or distraction on the course. These beautiful holes are a target rich environment with severe penalties for going off course. A true challenge that everyone loves to engage.

Our Golf Academy offers the latest training aid including the V1 video system providing lessons to improve your game where you need it most.

How many Tennis courts do you have?
20 located in two areas. The newest for the Club is our Tennis center with 12 courts and a separate Tennis clubhouse. With terrific programs, fun activities and the best in class equipment Ocean Reef Club is a great place if Tennis is your passion. There are also an additional 8 courts right beside the marina so there is never a wait to enjoy your favorite game.


What if I want more, what about my special interests?
There are a variety of Clubs within the Club that focus on areas our members are passionate about. This includes a wide variety from conservation and gardening to wing shooting and fly fishing, tennis, golf, flying, model sailboat racing, one class sailboat racing, bridge, an art league, gardening, history and several others.

What else is there?
Take a look at our Clubs within the Club if you would prefer more sedate activities we have a fantastic Art League with a woodworking shop, painting and sculpture studios. There is a Cultural Center with a theater that provides top named entertainment, first run movies, a library and history museum and two Croquette courts.

What should I do now?
If you have not already received our magazine request more information here if you are ready to explore the possibilities of a guest stay call our membership department at 305-367-5921.