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The interests and expertise of our Members 
have guided the growth of our private club and community.



There are more than 1,700 condos, villas, townhomes, single family residences and marina slips to call home at Ocean Reef.

Its two thousand lush tropical acres are bordered on three sides by water. The Club can be reached by land, sea and air.

Ocean Reef comprises 2,500 lush tropical acres on the edge of the Atlantic. Getting around is quite simple.


The Spa invites you to experience a sanctuary of soothing aromas, calming sounds and nature's most healing resources.

It's a pleasure to keep your training goals on target while you're at Ocean Reef Club.

The Ocean Reef Tennis Center offers two locations with 12 courts in total, four of which are lighted for evening play.

The Club boasts two championship 18-hole courses, a rarity in the Florida Keys – even among standard golf clubs.
Meet the Golf professionals, including PGA 
certified instructors at The Club.
The new Academy of Golf features two air-conditioned hitting bays, state-of-the-art cameras, the latest in golf teaching computer software and of course the support of our fully-trained staff of professionals.

Golf Instruction & Services 


An enticing collection that offers
you a variety of waterfront vistas,
including the ocean, lagoon or

A collection of convivial bars each with its own distinctive casual ambiance.

No matter what cuisine you crave, invariably there will be a class to please your palate.


Enjoy our private Inn’s convenient location and all the services and amenities of a luxurious hotel.

Our selection of luxury vacation rentals includes one-bedroom junior suites, elegant one- and two-bedroom condominiums and villas, plus luxurious two-, three-, four- and five-bedroom residences, many with private spas and pools.

The Inn features spacious guest rooms with ocean, water and tropical views, all beautifully appointed and located in the hub of activity.


Whatever you and your vessel may need,
it’s here at the ORC Marina with
berthing for 175 boats and superb accommodations available only steps away.

Whether you go for the excitement of
deep-sea sport fishing, reef fishing,
bonefishing or back country fishing,
you and your guests will enjoy the fishing experience of a lifetime.

Teeming with an extraordinary array of wildlife, the environment surrounding Florida’s Ocean Reef Club provide an array of opportunities above and below the water.


With 30,000 sq. ft. of meeting space, including a dedicated 7,500 sq.ft. ballroom, our facilities are perfectly suited to host a sumptuous welcome, inspiring send-off and everything in between.

With exceptional recreational amenities along with dozens of indoor and outdoor activities, there really is something for everyone to enjoy.

Ocean Reef Club is renowned for exceptional dining, and our culinary experts will be delighted to enhance your meeting with a special event.


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Meet our Team of Experienced Professionals.

Luis Bracamonte
Fitness Manager
Club Spa & Fitness Association Board Member

  • From: Trujillo, Peru. I also lived in Chicago for 15 years before moving to Florida in 2010.
  • Service Specialty & Certifications: Fitness Management, Wellness Consulting, Kinesiology (Human Movement Science), Strength & Conditioning, Integrative Movement/Corrective Exercise, Swimming, Aquatics and Holistic Fitness. 
  • Experience: 20 years of coaching and 5 years of management experience.
  • My Philosophy: I promote a holistic approach to fitness and wellness. This means considering multiple aspects of fitness training, healthy eating and smart lifestyle habits. I define fitness as the pursuit of health, beauty and performance. We achieve wellness through a comprehensive approach, which includes physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual awareness.

“The Ocean Reef Club has one of the most beautiful private fitness centers in the country. Its environment is friendly, upbeat and inspiring. Member engagement in fitness at ORC grows every season and so do our service offerings, equipment and special events. We are committed to improving the quality of life of every Member of our Club.”

Casey Culp
Fitness Trainer Manager

  • From: Born in Miami, FL, but raised a die-hard Buffalo Bill.
  • Service Specialty & Certifications: Fitness Specialist, Schwinn Bike Instructor certified, Green Belt Holder in the Marine Corp mixed martial arts program.
  • Experience: Over 6 years of work experience and over 12 years of Personal Experience in this field.
  • My Philosophy: I love being a part of the process an individual goes through on the road to a healthier lifestyle. Witnessing the first few days of reluctance or quiet reservation transform into a person that is full of vitality and exudes self-confidence is a beautiful experience to be hold.

"I take great pride in having the opportunity to help inspire and motivate people to achieve their goals, fitness or otherwise."

Genie Metherne

  • From: New Orleans Area
  • Service Specialty & Certifications: Pilates (10 Years), Aquatic Therapy (20 Years), Synchronized Swimming (35 Years), and Swim Lessons (40 years).
  • Experience: 40 Years
  • My Philosophy: I love the combination of Pilates and Swimming exercise and what they do for your body. Introducing these 2 forms of exercise to our members is very satisfying and rewarding. It’s very important to me that people find a program of exercise that they can stick to for life and see results.

"Again helping members finding that exercise program that works for them. Now with our new amazing Pilates’ Studio we can truly introduce Pilates to our Ocean Reef Members."

Joan Scholz 

  • From: Queens, NY. I retired from Verizon after 25 years of dedicated operational and customer service experience.
  • Service Specialty & Certifications: Personal Training; Group Training classes including Muscle Confusion; Bootcamp and Reefrunner group.
  • Experience: I have been a competitive runner since the 8th grade competing in the 1st NY Colgate Womens Games 400/800 meter. I was ranked 20th in the nation in competitive powerlifing bench press in 2001 and competed in bodybuilding in the natural over 35 division.
  • My Philosophy: My clientele includes all fitness levels. It is awesome to see such great improvements due to the dedication and chemistry between trainer and client. When I train clients who have never been athletic, I feel honored to be a part of their physical transformation.

"Fitness has always been a part of my life. I am a seasoned competitive runner and I love the benefits of working out. The sky is the limit when it comes to self improvement. WE will work together to exceed your physical and fitness expectations."


Kevin Vermillion

  • From: Born in Miami, Florida, raised in Gainesville, Florida.
  • Service Specialty & Certifications: Personal Trainer, weight loss and overall conditioning, focus on functional movement with emphasis on proper technique.
  • Experience: I played baseball at the collegiate level and have witnessed injury after injury from putting one’s body in an unnatural position. I have shadowed physical therapists, and have been a private pitching and conditioning coach for kids 12-16 years old for two years.
  • My Philosophy: Surround yourself with people who truly care about you, people who promote a physically and mentally “HEALTHIER YOU”.

“Your mind is everything. If you can’t believe you can do something, then you can’t. The Fitness Team here at Ocean Reef has nothing but a positive drive to better your mind and your body.”


Kristine Ingold

  • From: Key Largo, Florida.
  • Service Specialty & Certifications: Dance Instructor 16+ years, AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor 7+ years, First Aid & BLS/CPR Certifications 7+ years, Licensed Zumba Instructor 5+ years, Independently Operated Fitness Studio Owner 4+ years, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer 3+ years, American Red Cross Lifeguard 3+ years.
  • My Philosophy: I am passionate about fitness and wellness. Lifestyle is vital in maintaining a healthy mind and body. Energy and activity level determine ability. Motivation gives us purpose.  Positivity keeps us feeling alive. The joy is in the journey. With consistency you will achieve progressive results. I know a diet of lean meat, whole grains, fruits and vegetables is nutritious for me. I avoid drinking alcohol, coffee, or soda. As a professional Fitness Specialist in this community I truly enjoy fitness training with individuals and teaching group exercise classes with people of all ages.

"The aspect that I like best about working with people is engaging adults and children in understanding the benefits of exercise, movement and proper diet for their overall optimal health, while helping them to improve performance of their bodies to achieve and maintain the body shape they desire. I am grateful to continue to have the opportunity to help others reach their goals." 

Eileen Daley
  • From: Eileen moved to Venice, Florida from Narrowsburg, New York when she was 11 before making her way down to the Keys three years ago.
  • Service Specialty & Certifications: Yoga Therapy for Health Conditions & Personal Training with a focus on corrective exercise and conditioning. Eileen is an advanced RYT500 Yoga Teacher, and will soon be a Certified IAYT Yoga Therapist at the 1000 hour level. She is a certified personal trainer through NASM, and has further training in Thai Massage, Paddleboard Yoga, and Yoga Therapy for Mental Health conditions.
  • Experience: 3+ years of coaching/teaching, with over 1000 hours of experience addressing various health conditions such as MS, cancer, Parkinson's, postural issues, muscular imbalances/injuries, and more.
  • My Philosophy: I address health and wellbeing holistically, by considering the mental and physical aspects of a client's life that may be affecting his/her health. 

“It is my mission to offer the space for clients to feel cared for and supported in all ways while working to achieve their goals. After assessing a client's posture, I will be able to address what's going on through stretching, strengthening, and breathing techniques. It is my aim to assist in helping clients develop a deeper sense of appreciation for what their bodies can do, while working to better their health in a way that is nourishing and sustainable." 

 Ana Beaty
  • From: Born in Havana and raised in Miami, but have lived in Key Largo for 26 years.
  • Service Specialty & Certifications: Certified in Zumba Basic1, Basic2, Gold, Pro Skills and Toning.
  • Experience: Seven years teaching group fitness classes and former owner of Curves gym franchise in Key Largo, FL.
  • My Philosophy: It is never too late to start paying attention to your health and fitness. No matter what age or fitness level you start at, you can always begin a program of exercise and nutrition that meets your goals and your lifestyle. The most important thing is to start!

“I’m incredibly passionate about dance and fitness. I am a late bloomer when it comes to fitness so I truly believe that it is never too late, and you are never too old to work towards being the healthiest you. Zumba has changed my life and I would love to be a part of helping to change yours.”

 Natacha Meroni
  • From: Quebec, Canada; moved to Key Largo in 2012.
  • Service Specialty & Certifications: Certified Naturopath and multiple yoga certifications including Hatha, Raja, Seniors Yoga, Yoga for Kids, Paddleboard Yoga, and Aerial Yoga. 
  • Experience: Fourteen years of teaching yoga. Founded and owned a successful boutique, spa and yoga studio in Canada for seven years. I've been at Ocean Reef since 2013. 
  • My Philosophy: I love to help people and inspire them to achieve a more balanced and healthier lifestyle

“Yoga is so much more than just postures and stretches. It is a lifestyle.”

Angel Luis Arguelles
  • From: Santiago de Cuba; came to the US at 8 years old; raised in Miami.
  • Service Specialty & Certifications: A.I.S Stretch Therapist, Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise specialist, and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Coach.
  • Experience: Twenty-one years as a personal training, gym owner and in health club management.
  • My Philosophy: My training philosophy focuses on continual lifelong learning and personal growth as I helps my clients achieve a balanced lifestyle that encompasses all dimensions of health and wellness.

“My lifework is my commitment to making your fitness goals become a reality in a fun, dynamic and caring environment.”

 Robert Burclaw

  •   From: Rosholt, Wisconsin, but I’ve lived in 4 states in the last two years (IA, CO, UT, FL)
  •   Service Specialty & Certifications: Applied Functional Scientist, Personal Trainer, Corrective         Exercise Specialist, Myofascial Compression Techniques, Nutrition Coach
  •   Experience:10 years in the industry, and exercise has been my rock since age 16.  I’ve                 personally been training for “American Ninja Warrior” for the last five years.
  •   My philosophy: I always tell people that they don’t know how good they CAN feel, because           they’ve never felt that good. I love working with clients to move, feel, play, and look more              confidently. 

“Health is wealth!”