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Chef Pushkar Marathe was born in India’s western Maharashtra
state, where fresh seafood goes with heavily vegetarian cuisine.
Having a father in the Indian air force meant he was in a new state
every year, and he learned to appreciate the entire country’s food
culture. Marathe’s inventive and soulful dishes have gained national
acclaim at Ghee Indian Kitchen, where he has been Executive Chef
for the restaurant’s Miami’s Design District location since it opened in October 2017.

Marathe has just opened a small plates restaurant in Palm Beach Gardens named Stage, but despite
the chef’s credentials, the restaurant’s name does not refer to any kind of grandstand. On the
contrary, Stage (pronounced “staahj”) refers to one of the lowliest jobs in the kitchen – the unpaid
trainee chef or stagiaire. Marathe says his goal is to create a restaurant that’s approachable and
elevated at once. “It will be a place where you can eat every day, but unique enough for a special
occasion. Here, we will work with local, small-scale farmers and use a lot of seasonal ingredients
and vegetables on the menu,” says the 34-year-old chef who has been inspired by his longtime
friend Niven Patel, Ghee’s owner.

Marathe’s work has taken him to Gstaad and Lucerne in Switzerland, the Cayman Islands, Bahamas,
Qatar, India, and the United States, where he has lived since 2007. He wants to set folks straight
about common misconceptions of Indian food being too spicy or just a curry or butter chicken.
“That’s not necessarily true,” he says. “Curry is nothing but a blend of spices. There are many
different regions in India and some hardly use any spices. I want to bring an awareness of the
different regions of India.”

Marathe was formerly a chef de cuisine at Meat Market in Palm Beach and a line cook at 3030
Ocean in Fort Lauderdale, working for innovative chef Dean James Max (an Ocean Reef guest chef).
At 3030, he worked alongside fellow cook, Niven Patel. “People used to make fun of us, saying,
‘You two are going to open up a curry house one day,’” Marathe said. “But we were dreaming
of something bigger. We imagined what we could do if we combined Dean James Max’s style of
farm-to-table cooking with Indian cuisine.” That dream came true when Patel opened Ghee in
Miami’s Downtown Dadeland and then recruited Marathe to run the Ghee outpost in the Design
District. Chef Marathe continues to nourish his constant inspiration through cooking seasonal
and regional cuisine—merging the roots of his home with the fruit of his travels.

“Cooking is unique as an art form because it requires the involvement of all five senses.”
– Pushkar Marathe


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