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Ooh, la, la! The culinary traditions of France are the foundation of education for many
professional chefs. French food developed a bit of an “old school” reputation over the
years, but now it’s got a whole new level of excitement thanks to updated, more informal
presentations that bring that certain je ne sais quoi to dining in a whole new way.

Chef Philippe Reynaud, ORC Senior Director of Culinary, graduated from the Culinary Academy
of Nice at 18, followed by a three-year apprenticeship at the Casinos of Cannes and Deauville,
France. After working with top chefs in various French regions, he moved to Los Angeles in
1981 where he served seven years as executive chef at the Westwood Marquis Hotel and eight
years at the Jonathan Town & Beach Clubs.

Chef Philippe has been leading Ocean Reef’s elite culinary team for 20 years. He is responsible
for the operations of 13 kitchens, the ORC Food Truck, Catering, Conference Group
Banquets, and Special Events. He oversees all menu development, visiting celebrity chefs’
dinners, cooking classes, and mentoring of over 168 culinary associates, interns and chefs.
In 2012, he spearheaded the publication of “Flavors of the Reef,” a book highlighting favorite
dishes offered at Club restaurants. In 2013, he received Slow Food’s Snail of Approval award
recognizing his efforts in support of local farms and fish sourcing. Through Feeding South
Florida, Reynaud and his culinary team have provided the community with over 34,000 pounds
of Extra Helpings last year to feed the disadvantaged. Chef Philippe will teach the fresh,
seasonal, colorful food of regional French cooking.

“In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport.” – Julia Child


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