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DAOU Vineyards
Joined by Chef Clay Conley

Built on the bonds of love and family, DAOU Vineyards is the product of two brothers’ childhood dream. Georges and Daniel Daou grew up in Beirut, emigrated with their family to France following the Lebanese civil war, and moved to California in the 1980’s to pursue the American dream.

In America, Daniel and Georges studied engineering and went on to create DAOU Systems, a networking technology company that would revolutionize hospital computer systems. After selling the company, the brothers went on to pursue a new dream with its roots in France. For years, Daniel made wine in his rural San Diego garage, tending to a one-acre vineyard of Cabernet Sauvignon. Daniel, along with brother and business partner Georges, bought property in Paso that would eventually become the prestigious DAOU Vineyards. As the Winemaker, Daniel’s background in engineering combined with his winemaking gift enabled him to master the art and science necessary to make transcendent wines. His heart is in the vineyard where he cultivates the purest expression of DAOU Mountain’s terroir.


Dining Reservations: 305-367-5931