From: Born and raised in Havana, Cuba and left his country to Florida in 1994
to pursue better future and opportunities.

Service specialties and certifications:  B.S. in Physical Education, then specialized in a Masters program in sports and fitness injuries. Nationally Certified License massage therapist in the USA for 26 years, certified as a manual lymphatic Drainage therapist, Neuromuscular and MyoFascial Release therapy, certified as a Cranio Sacral therapist, certified in Egonomic Assessment, Cupping therapy, certified on Thai massage, MyoSkeletal Aligment, Pilates instructor for Pre and Post rehabilitation, Positional Release technique and Moshe Feldenkrais method.


Experience: Since 1990 has been practicing, teaching and learning from many doctors and specialist in the health and fitness field. To mention a few, Jhon Upledger, D.O, Erick Dalton Phd, Bruno Chikly MD, Scott Heinhorn, DC, Michelle Gust, Dr. P.T. Ronald Porter, Dr., P.T and work countless hours with cancer patients, pre and post surgery sports, trauma and injuries,
ergonomic specialist for corporations.

My philosophy: I advocate to guide and approach the well being of a person in various ways. Like educating and helping them to balance eating habits. As well as stay active physically, mentally, and spiritually aware in order to achive optimal health by making smart decisions related to their health.

Quote: “I enjoy having the opportunity to help people to succeed on their health
and learn from them.”