From: Key Largo, Florida.

Service Specialty & Certifications: Dance Instructor 16+ years, AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor 7+ years, First Aid & BLS/CPR Certifications 7+ years, Licensed Zumba Instructor 5+ years, Independently Operated Fitness Studio Owner 4+ years, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer 3+ years, American Red Cross Lifeguard 3+ years.

My Philosophy: I am passionate about fitness and wellness. Lifestyle is vital in maintaining a healthy mind and body. Energy and activity level determine ability. Motivation gives us purpose.  Positivity keeps us feeling alive. The joy is in the journey. With consistency you will achieve progressive results. I know a diet of lean meat, whole grains, fruits and vegetables is nutritious for me. I avoid drinking alcohol, coffee, or soda. As a professional Fitness Specialist in this community I truly enjoy fitness training with individuals and teaching group exercise classes with people of all ages. 

"The aspect that I like best about working with people is engaging adults and children in understanding the benefits of exercise, movement and proper diet for their overall optimal health, while helping them to improve performance of their bodies to achieve and maintain the body shape they desire. I am grateful to continue to have the opportunity to help others reach their goals."