How We Got Here Pt. 4

How We Got Here by Mike Smith In the early 1970’s, the Florida State legislature began contemplating new rules and regulations that would severely impair the planned development of the Ocean Reef land. All four future phases would be impacted. As previously noted, these phases included: Phase I, Harbor Course and Dispatch Creek; Phase 2, an area northwest of the airstrip; Phase 3, Angelfish Cay (later changed to Sunrise); and Phase 4, Snapper Point. If and when this legislation passed, the future of Ocean Reef as we now know it would be in great peril. However, Harper Sibley had a few big guns in his arsenal and decided to try an end run. At the time, Richard Millhouse Nixon was president and he would frequently visit his close friend and Ocean Reef Member, Bebe Rebozo. Several trips to Washington were made to meet with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S Corps of Engineers. With the help of Mr. Nixon, his Chief of Staff H.R. Haldeman and Congressman Dante Fascell, all four permits were granted signifying approval of the ORC master plan vested by the State Land Planning Agency, Monroe County and the U.S Corps of Engineers (among … Continue reading How We Got Here Pt. 4