How We Got Here pt. 5

 How We Got Here by Mike Smith In the early ’70’s the Club felt a second golf course was a must. The Dolphin Course was frequently crowded and prime tee times in the mornings were difficult to get. As a second course was well under construction on land near the airport and named the Barracuda Course, a small group of members hoping to have their own private golf course asked the Club if they could purchase the Dolphin Course and make it private. They offered $2,000,000 with the proviso that Ocean Reef build a club house for $150,000. While this offer was entertained by the Club, residents who owned houses bordering Dolphin objected because they didn’t want their course sold to a private group. That idea was dropped. The same group began to discuss the purchase of the Barracuda Course which was nearing completion. However, the Club, while sympathetic to the new group desires, declined the offer because they thought the Club needed thirty-six holes based on their plans of future growth and development. This same group of members then began to think of acquiring property adjacent to the then southern boundary of Ocean Reef, for the purpose of constructing … Continue reading How We Got Here pt. 5