The airport at Ocean Reef is one of the Club’s prime amenities. This vital private airport facility is the welcoming point for many returning Members.

Before arrival at Ocean Reef’s private airport, all aircraft must be registered.

Each pilot-in-command is required to sign a statement assuring the Club that he or she has read, understood and will comply with all published rules and regulations prior to landing.

All operations at ORC airport must comply with FAA approved flight regulations and Ocean Reef Club rules.

Members who are aviation enthusiasts are encouraged to inquire about joining the Ocean Reef Flying Club based at our private airport. Members need not be pilots to join; an interest in the Flying Club’s activities is sufficient. Each year the Club sponsors several “fly-outs” to interesting destinations and, during the first weekend of December, Members participate in the many activities of ORC’s annual Vintage Weekend that celebrates Members’ classic conveyances of land, sea and air.

Although ORC’s private airport is not served by scheduled airlines, a list of registered air charter companies is available at the airport office. Click here, to view our preferred partner.

For more information, please call 305.367.3690.