An Excellence in Standards

It is designed to complement today’s more casual lifestyles while still respecting the Club’s longstanding traditions and the excellence in standards for which the Club is noted. It applies to all Members and guests over 12 years of age. We hope that the following guidelines will be helpful in making your visit enjoyable and comfortable for you and your guests.


Dining Attire

The traditional attire for gentlemen in all restaurants is best described as “Club Casual” — collared shirts and dress trousers in the winter season and equally appropriate attire for ladies. Midriffs must be covered when inside any Club facility. If worn, shorts must be of walking length. Headwear (facing forward) is permitted in the Burgee Bar and Raw Bar and in the Grill Room for lunch. Please note that smart blue denim (jeans) is allowed in the Islander, Gianni Ristorante, Burgee Bar, Raw Bar and Reef Lounge and for breakfast service in The Ocean Room. Cutoff, unhemmed or tattered jeans or shorts are not allowed anywhere on property. During the winter season, sport coats are preferred on gentleman in The Ocean Room on Saturday evenings and required in the CH Prime and CH Lounge with neckties optional.

Recreation Attire

Cut-off, unhemmed shorts as well as frayed or torn clothing/denim are not allowed. Each recreational area also has dress requirements, as shown below:

Tennis, Pickleball & Croquet

Tennis requires appropriate tennis clothing and footwear. Short and long tights must be covered. Pickleball permits fitness attire and footwear. Midriffs must be covered, gentlemen’s shirts must have sleeves. All-white attire must be worn on the Croquet Courts. Swim trunks and non-athletic graphic t-shirts are not permitted at the Tennis & Games Center.

Beach & Pool

One- or two-piece bathing suits that provide appropriate coverage are acceptable. Bathing cover-ups, as well as footwear, must be worn in all areas away from the beach and pools on Buccaneer Island. Athletic-style tank tops are permitted for men on Buccaneer Island.


Fitness Center & Outdoor Exercise

Shirts must be worn for jogging, walking and other forms of exercise within the community. All shirts worn by gentlemen within the community must have sleeves or if sleeveless, must be hemmed and reach shoulder length. Tank tops are not permitted on gentlemen in the Fitness Center. Ladies’ shirts must have full coverage, midriffs may not be shown. Closed-toe athletic shoes are required in the Fitness Centers. Wearing baseball style caps backwards is not acceptable.


Golf Attire

Golf courses and Driving Range require collared shirts with sleeves (no mock turtle necks) and appropriate golfing shorts or slacks (no cargo or athletic shorts) for men. For both ladies and men, t-shirts are not permitted, garments must be conservative in nature and may not have large lettering or graphics. Sleeveless golf blouses with collars are permissible for ladies, as is other appropriate golfing attire. Golf shoes must have non-metal spikes and fully cover the heel and/or toes. Shirt tails must be tucked in at all times.

Men Acceptable: Shirts with collars and sleeves, slacks and Bermuda-length golf shorts are considered appropriate attire. Shirt tails must be tucked in. Men not acceptable: Mock turtlenecks, cargo shorts, tank tops, tee shirts, cut-offs, sweat pants, jeans, bathing suits, tennis shorts or other athletic shorts are not permitted.

Ladies Acceptable: Dresses, skirts, slacks, golf shorts (mid-thigh) and blouses are considered appropriate attire. Sleeveless shirts must have a collar. Ladies not acceptable: Crop tops, tee shirts, bathing suits, sweat pants, jeans, tank tops, tennis dresses, or athletic shorts are not permitted. Shorts or skirt inseam must reach below mid-thigh.

Unacceptable Attire

Tank tops, tank-style undershirts and jogging tops for men, crop and jogging tops for women, frayed cut-offs and tattered jeans are not acceptable attire. Shirts with sleeves are required at all times in all public areas other than the pool. Hemmed, sleeveless shirts may be worn at the Fitness Center and for outdoor exercise.



Gentlemen are expected to remove their hats whenever entering a Club facility, excluding the Raw Bar and Burgee Bar, and the Grill Room for lunch, where headwear is acceptable. Wearing baseball-style caps backwards is not acceptable in any Club area.



Cut-off, un-hemmed and tattered jean shorts are not allowed.




Use of cell phones in any of the Club’s restaurants and Fitness Centers is not permitted.