A Truly Unique Place

A census was taken of our Members in 2010, 2015 and 2020, and in all instances Members noted that the Club was so unique that they didn’t even consider anywhere else when buying a home or marina dock. That uniqueness comes from more than 36 holes of golf, world-class fishing both offshore and on the flats, lawn and tennis, a private airport, and even our own village full of shops. There is also an Art League that offers classes in watercolor, sculpture, woodworking, stained glass, fabric painting and memoir writing. In addition, there are shows by local and world-renowned artists in a variety of media.

We round all of this out with two fitness centers, a salon and spa, 12 restaurants and lounges, a dog park, croquet, a 144-room guest inn, a 175-slip marina, a lagoon and beach area with two oceanfront swimming pools, kayak tours, yoga on the beach, and family events throughout the year.

Cultural Center

Our Cultural Center provides musical performances, the latest movies, live theater, lectures, and special receptions. The Center’s gracious architecture is home to a 300-seat theater, meeting rooms, a courtyard for outdoor receptions and a spacious lobby for pre-show events. The Cultural Center is also home to a library and the Historical Society’s museum, where interactive displays offer a lively look at the Club’s more than 65-year history.


Medical Center

The convenience and peace of mind of a professional Medical Center, staffed by full-time and on-call physicians, is just a golf cart ride away. The Medical Center also has 24 visiting physicians offering 17 different services and a lecture series with outstanding speakers from leading medical institutions who share cutting-edge medical information with our Members. The Medical Center at Ocean Reef provides advanced care and attentive service just a moment away.


The Academy at Ocean Reef

The Academy at Ocean Reef is a private Pre K3-8 school located inside the Club. Many of its students are “visitors,” attending for part of the academic year. This allows Members with school-age children or grandchildren to spend more time at the Club during the winter season. The others are full-timers who live year-round at the Club. Both benefit from individual attention in the classroom, the visitors often returning to their home schools ahead in their curricula.


Safe. Sound. Secure.

The Club is surrounded by water on three sides, and each of the canals that leads from the bay and ocean to our Marina or winds past our Members’ homes is patrolled by the community’s Public Safety Department. On the fourth side is a gated entrance that is also managed by this department. All the safety officers are trained as firefighters, paramedics and certified security professionals. Monroe County has a Sheriff assigned to the Club as well, with regular patrols. As a result there is a strong sense of security and privacy that allows families to enjoy worry-free time at the Club.


Keeping the Community Humming

The Ocean Reef Community Association, known as ORCA, has responsibility for public safety and public works. Public safety includes fire protection, paramedics and security, front gate and the Welcome Center. Public works includes maintenance of roads, drainage, streetlights, signs, bridges, common areas and landscaping.

ORCA coordinates the dissemination of news for the Club: information about the many Clubs Within the Club and other organizations that are part of the Ocean Reef community. ORCA publishes our telephone directory and Members’ Roster each fall. Architectural issues, ORCA membership and acting as a liaison with government affairs are also among ORCA’s responsibilities.

ORCA manages the wastewater treatment facility, owned by North Key Largo Utility Corp., as well as the reverse osmosis water plant owned by the Club.

ORCA provides management services to the Ocean Reef Volunteer Fire Department, the Ocean Reef Foundation, the Ocean Reef Political Action Committee and ORCAT.

ORCA is overseen by its Board of Directors, its day-to-day oversight and management being conducted by the organization’s president and his staff. ORCA’s offices are located on the second floor of the Business Center. Tel: 305-367-3067. We invite you to visit ORCA’s website.

Giving Back as a Way of Life

The quality of life at Ocean Reef Club has prompted numerous acts of philanthropy, our delightful community being a constant reminder of how fortunate we ORC residents and Members are. The Ocean Reef Community Foundation was born of many Members’ wish to maximize the impact of their philanthropic efforts. The efficiency of The Foundation’s management itself has become a source of encouragement for contributions and bequests.

Every year the list of organizations and individuals who benefit from disbursements from OR Community Foundation funds continues to grow. In fact, new foundations grow out of the “parent” organization. An example: In 2007 The Wounded Warriors Foundation was created by two Ocean Reef Club residents to assist military veterans injured while serving the country. WWF funds help those with severe injuries to prepare for reentry into society as productive citizens.

The people of Ocean Reef have always been involved in every aspect of the workings of our community and its needs as well as the needs of the wider community beyond our gates. Ocean Reef Club can be proud of the work of its charitable foundation and, most especially, of the willing support of its many members.

Watch ORCF’s latest video “The Heart of Ocean Reef” to learn more.

You are encouraged to visit The Ocean Reef Community Foundation’s website: oceanreefcommunityfoundation.org to learn more about its activities. Or you may call 305-367-4707.

Quality, Professional Service

It began in 1993 when The Ocean Reef Business Council was formed to assure that the highest standards of quality, professionalism and service were established and maintained among the firms doing business at Ocean Reef Club. Now known as The Ocean Reef Chamber of Commerce, its members gather the Service Survey information submitted by ORC Members who evaluate the performance of our Club’s vendors. In addition to performance criteria, each of those businesses must meet the Ocean Reef Community Association’s strict license and insurance liability requirements.

For more information, please call 305.367.3646 or visit www.oceanreefchamber.org.


Interdenominational Chapel

The Chapel joyfully welcomes the community to join weekly Catholic, Protestant, Episcopalia and Jewish worship services. The Chapel also serves as a gathering place for special events, weddings, memorials and bible studies. The Chapel at Ocean Reef is shared among historic expressions of Judeo-Christian faith – our Catholic, Episcopal, Jewish, and Protestant congregations. As members of the Ocean Reef community visit the chapel grounds, they will be welcomed into an open space with magnificent windows and high ceilings and may gather in the peaceful memorial garden enriched with a beautiful fountain. The new Chapel opens its doors to 325 people and includes a bridal room, community room, children’s room, memorial garden and a prayer room. Additionally, The Chapel inspires the Ocean Reef Club community by hosting exceptional guest speakers and organizing volunteer opportunities.

To get involved in the Chapel life, please contact contact contact@orcchapel.org or visit their website at www.orcchapel.org/.

A Vet for your Pet

The Grayvik Animal Care Center provides veterinary and pet grooming services to the Ocean Reef community. The wonderful center, with its caring staff, is the hub of Ocean Reef’s animal-related activities.


Veterinary Care • Grooming • Microchips • Animal Control • Travel Certificates • Specialist Referrals • Emergency Care Referrals • Dog Training

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Visiting Hours: Monday – Friday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Vet Services & Pet Grooming by appointment. During high season, additional veterinary and grooming hours are offered. Please call for availability 305-367-4701. For more information, please visit www.orcat.com