Advantages of Membership

There are two private club membership opportunities available at Ocean Reef Club.


Social Membership

Annual Social memberships are available to families that do not own property in the Ocean Reef community. Initiation fees and annual dues are non-refundable and the Club memberships are renewed at the discretion of the Club each year. If a Social Member becomes an Equity Member (property owner) within five years, the initiation fee will be applied toward the purchase of their Equity club membership. Like all Members, Social Members agree as a condition of membership to abide by the Club’s Policies, Rules and Regulations, as they now exist or may be amended at a later date. Candidates for Local Social Membership (residing in Miami-Dade or Monroe Counties) or Non-Local (residing outside of Miami-Dade or Monroe Counties) must be sponsored by two Members, one being an Equity Member. All candidates who’ve known their sponsors less than two years will be required to have an interview with a Board of Director or Membership Committee member.

Equity Membership

The purchaser of a property, including a dock, in the Ocean Reef Club or Anglers Club communities must become an Equity Member in order to use the Club’s facilities. Two Equity Members must sponsor a candidate for this category of Club membership and their membership must be approved prior to closing on their property, otherwise the property owner cannot re-apply for Equity membership for five years. Both Equity and non-property-owning Members and their guests are privileged to enjoy all the Club’s amenities—from Buccaneer Island’s swim lagoon and pools to the delightful selection of restaurants and shops. And everyone enjoys the community’s atmosphere of ease, the sense of being among friends in the place where they truly belong.

For further information about Ocean Reef Club membership, please contact Islande Dillon, Executive Director of Membership Services at, call 305-367-5921 or fill out our online form.

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