Education, Wonder and Fun Await

A visit to the Nature Center is an inspiring experience that will help you understand the rich and diverse environment of Ocean Reef Club.
At our Nature Center, you can visit with the resident red and yellow foot tortoises, as well as a 100 pound spur-thighed tortoise. An enclosure where you’ll be ab to see both alligators ad crocodiles side by side. The displays and exhibits are changed often, so there is always something new to discover with each and every visit.

The Nature Center is open year round on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 2-5 p.m., with additional hours of operation throughout the winter season. Program schedules vary from week to week and are subject to change based on participation and availability. For the current schedule, please contact Guest Services at 305-367-5931.

Nature Programs

Eco-Kayak Tours

The Nature Center’s most popular program is the Eco-Kayak Tour, which is offered each Saturday and Sunday morning. These laid-back trips begin from Buccaneer Island and will take you through mangroves, past bird rookeries and leave you speechless as you can see clearly to the bottom of the sea floor. Offered are both Advanced as well as Beginner trips, during which you’ll be taught the basics of kayaking in our Introduction to Kayaking class. Children ages 4 and older can paddle with a parent in a double kayak, so the entire family is welcome to enjoy our scenic waters and surrounds.

Eco-Bicycle Tours

These trips offer an opportunity to combine exercise with education about the various plants and foliage found in the Ocean Reef Club community. The Reef has three distinct eco-systems: the mangroves, the lush vegetation and the hardwood hammock. During the 60 to 90-minute tour, participants of all ages will see and learn about each during the scenic rides.

Field Trips

Several field trips are scheduled during the summer and every member of the family is welcome to participate. There also will be visits to the Everglades Alligator Farm to take in the educational alligator and snake shows, as well as a trip on an airboat every Friday at 8:45 a.m. departing from the Nature Center. A special treat on the return trip is a stop at the legendary Robert Is Here Fruit Stand in Homestead so you can sample their delicious offerings.

For assistance in reserving your activities at Ocean Reef Club, please call 800-319-7686.