Monroe County requires that all persons over the age of six wear a facial covering when unable to engage in social distancing whether indoors or outdoors

Latest Update From Your Club

Friday, July 3, 2020

Dear Member, 

Below is your weekly COVID dashboard update as provided to Ocean Reef Club and ORCA by the Medical Center. There are four new cases pending. Each of the four patients and their respective families have been provided quarantine protocols. Two of the four pending cases are members of the same household. 

COVID-19 Dashboard as of:  
07/03/20   3:00PM
Pending Lab Results  4
Negative Lab Results 22
Positive Lab Results 4
Confirmed by Department of Health 4

All positive tests must be confirmed by the Dept. of Health
The average number of days for results has increased to 5-7.
The Florida Department of Health/Monroe County has confirmed the four previous positives have successfully completed their respective quarantine period. 

As a reminder, a notification will only be sent when a test result is returned positive. The Ocean Reef Club website is updated as any pending tests and negative results are reported:

In a continuing effort to maintain the safety and wellness of Ocean Reef, we strongly urge you to self-report any testing activity.  In collaboration with The Medical Center, ORC, ORCA/Public Safety, we are imploring all community members who have submitted a sample for testing inside or outside of the gates to voluntarily agree to the following:

  • If you have submitted a sample for the testing of COVID-19, please provide your address to the Medical Center.   This information will only be used to ensure the safety of our First Responders, Medical Personnel and Food Services.  This information will not be shared with the community.
  • If your testing is confirmed positive for COVID-19, as others have demonstrated by example, allow for the sharing of this information to all within our gates.  

The Medical Center, ORC and ORCA/Public Safety understand the challenge your commitment to the welfare of our community may present.  We thank you for adhering to the guidelines set forth by the State and the County.   

Thank you,

Alex Tonarelli
Ocean Reef Club
Chip Iglesias
Keith Young
The Medical Center 

Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Dear Fellow Members,
As continues to be reported, there has been a dramatic spike in Coronavirus cases in Florida, Dade and Monroe County, and in certain parts of the Country.Out of an abundance of caution for the safety of our Members and Associates, your Board of Directors and Club Management have decided to implement temperature testing at the Front Gate, Airport and Marina. This testing will include all Members, Member Guests and Club Associates.Temperature checks will commence on Friday morning, July 3rd,  and the testing protocol will include the following:

  • All Members, Member Accompanied Guests and Club Associates arriving to the Club will be checked for temperatures over 100.4F (as recommended by the Medical Center at Ocean Reef/Baptist Hospital Health System). We highly encourage anyone planning to visit the Club to temperature check in advance of making the trip.

Equity Members
Should your temperature be 100.4F or above you will be asked to self-quarantine with no access to Club amenities, including restaurants while you have a temperature. We would also strongly urge you to seek medical attention.

Social Member Coming for the Day
Should your temperature be 100.4F or above you will not be granted access to the Club through any access point.
Social Members Staying Overnight at the Inn or Vacation Rentals*
Should you temperature be 100.4F or above, you will have two options:

1. Not enter the Club. (You will not be charged for a room cancellation.)


2. Stay self-quarantined in your guest room with no access to any Club amenities, including restaurants.  The next morning, you must have your temperature re-checked. If you still have a temperature reading of 100.4F or above, the Club will require your departure at that time. (You will not be charged for any additional nights on your reservation.) We strongly urge you to seek medical attention. 

*Please note July 4th weekend has reached the full complement of rooms as a result of our limited amenities and services.
Member Accompanied Guests or Social Members Staying at the Home with an Equity Member
Should your temperature be 100.4F or above, you will be asked to self-quarantine at that home and will not have access to any Club amenities, including restaurants.
Additionally, the Equity Member will be notified and asked to ensure that their Guests comply with the above guidelines.
Subject to temperature re-testing, Guests will be given access to Club amenities.
Ocean Reef Club Associates
All Associates will be temperature checked daily. Any testing at or above 100.4F will be sent home immediately. (This testing will be done on Club property, inside the gates so as not to back up the Front Gate, potentially inconveniencing Members.)
We strongly urge anyone that re-tests with a temperature of 100.4F or above to seek medical attention. 

In anticipation of a busier than usual weekend, we would like to remind everyone of the following Club Guidelines and Protocols:

  • Per Monroe County Directive, masks are required in any indoor venue, as well as any outdoor venue where social distancing cannot be followed. We will continue to enforce this requirement.
  • As has been our practice for the past three months, the Club is NOT issuing Guest Cards. This is to provide our Equity and Social members with priority to the amenities and services that are currently available in limited quantity.
  • Buccaneer Island will only have 40% of its normal volume of lounge chairs. To ensure the safety of all Members enjoying Buccaneer Island, once all lounge chairs are occupied, we will restrict further access. In anticipation of a busy 4th of July weekend this will likely happen, so we discourage anyone from visiting just for the day this weekend without an existing Inn reservation. Buccaneer Island will also continue to close at 7pm daily.  
  • All Club restaurants are still operating at 50% capacity, so we encourage you to call ahead for reservations.
  • All Bars will be closed per the Monroe County ordinance. This includes not having seats at the Beach Bar.
  • We encourage everyone to continue to wash hands regularly and reference the CDC website for additional COVID-related best practices.

For additional Club information, please feel free to visit or call our Membership office at 305-367-5921.
We recognize that some of these guidelines and protocols listed above may be inconvenient, but it is critical to the safety of the Community to continue to adhere to CDC Guidelines, State and County Directives and best practices. Members and Member Accompanied Guests could experience slight delays in entering the Club. All Members should utilize the far right lane at the Front Gate to better facilitate the process. Please be respectful and patient while we attempt to ensure the safety of the overall Community. The Club will have representatives from the Membership Department at the Front Gate taking the temperature readings and assisting Members and their Guests with any questions or needs they may have.
Thank you for your ongoing support of the cautious practices that have been implemented over the past few months, the Club has been fortunate to have only experienced a handful of COVID-19 cases. We all hope and want that to continue. 
Respectfully submitted, On Behalf of the Ocean Reef Club Board of Directors and Club Management.

Alex Tonarelli
Bob Manzo
Please note new email address.
Ray Larkin
Vice Chairman