General Dining Reservation Policy:

Beginning September 13, 2021 reservations can be made 30 days ahead of the requested reservation date.

During the Exclusive Equity Window (September 13-October 13, 2021), reservations can be made via email to or to the dedicated Equity Reservation line at 305-367-5971.


Q: Will Equity Members have a first priority to make reservations?  

A: Yes, Equity Members will have first priority to make certain reservations during the Equity Reservation Priority Window. The Equity Reservation Priority Window will open Monday, September 13 at 9am through 5pm on October 13.  

Q:  What reservations can be made during the Equity Reservation Priority Window?


  • Holiday Reservations: Thanksgiving: Nov. 24 – Nov. 28 & Christmas: Dec. 23 –Jan. 2
    Equity Members can book one reservation per night at any dining event or restaurant within the holiday window dates
  • Vine to Table Dinners
    Equity Members can book up to 7 out of 9 Specialty dinners. Waitlist for any others requests.
  • Specialty Dinners
    Equity Members can book up to 7 out of 12 Vine to Table dinners. Waitlist for any others requests.
  • Cooking Schools
    Equity Members can book as many Cooking School Classes as available
  • Five Additional Restaurant Reservations (outside the 30-day booking window)
    Available for reservations of choice between October 15 – April 15

Q: What are the five additional restaurant reservations for?

A: Equity Members can book up to five restaurant reservations of their choice between October 15 & April 15. These can be for any reservations that you would like to request outside of the holiday window; such as birthdays or anniversaries. These five additional reservations can only be made between during the Equity Reservation Priority Window, after October 13 the normal 30 days dining policy will apply.

Q: How can I make reservations when the Equity Reservation Priority Window opens?

A:  Reservations can be requested starting at 9am on Monday, September 13. All requests must be made by emailing By sending an email your request will be added to the “queue” to insure all requests are addressed in the order they are received. 

Q: What if I want to talk to someone on the phone to make reservations?

A: Please send an email to with your name, Member number and phone number. Our Dining Reservations team will give you a call as soon as your request is up next in the queue.  

Cooking School

No matter what cuisine you crave, invariably there will be a class to please your palate.



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