Class at 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. 

While Ocean Reef Members are familiar with Chef Jonathan Kaiser from his
presence andwwan was raised in Hollywood, Florida where his father was the
resort manager for Turnberry. Fascinated by the kitchens, and with help through
his father’s connections, Jonathan had the opportunity to spend time with
some of Turnberry’s prominent chefs, further drawing Jonathan in to the art
of fine dining. Jonathan went on to intern with a disciple of Norm Van Aken and
graduate from the Kendall College School of Culinary Arts in Chicago.
Following graduation, Jonathan spent the next few years in Chicago working
with a variety of well-known chefs, such as acclaimed chef Ryan Poli. While in
Chicago, Jonathan also ran the kitchen at Aviary, a high-end cocktail lounge
featuring tables for diners in the kitchen and a celebrated tasting menu.
Jonathan’s greatest mentor chef was master chef Thomas Lents (read his bio
on page 39), whom he met while at Sixteen – a two-star rooftop restaurant in
Chicago’s Trump Tower. From Lents, Jonathan learned that the best of the best
make no concessions.
In 2017, Jonathan landed the prestigious Chef de Cuisine position at Joel
Robuchon in MGM Grand – the only three-star restaurant in Las Vegas – and in
2021, transferred his exceptional talents to Ocean Reef’s Clubhouse.
At Ocean Reef, Jonathan leads all culinary aspects of Clubhouse dining. His
goal is to continue elevating the Clubhouse dining experience with particular
attention to transforming CH Prime into a world-class steakhouse.

Details & Reservations: 305-367-5931