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We have all had intuitive “hits” now and then – that voice that speaks to us giving us insights and information. Sometimes we dismiss that voice in our head and sometimes we listen. Bill Bennett heard such a voice and it saved his life. He made a documentary film called PGS about our sixth sense – our Personal Guidance System.

While driving early one morning, Bill Bennett heard a voice which told him to slow down. He was approaching an intersection, he slowed down, and a huge truck ran a red light, missing him by inches. If not for that voice, Bill would have been killed.

He was determined to find out what that voice was, so he spent three years traveling the world interviewing experts on intuition, spanning the fields of science, religion and spirituality.

Bill discovered that intuition is part of a subtle energetic system that seeks to protect us and guide us along our life’s journey so we can achieve our true purpose – and lead a life of fulfillment and contentment. He called it our PGS – our Personal Guidance System.

For Bill, the three-year journey to make the film not only took him to the furthermost reaches of the planet, it also took him to the innermost depths of his soul.

As he says, “Making this movie changed my life. Watching it could change yours.”


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