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Beaux Frères Vineyard, Oregon
Joined by Chef Paula DaSilva

Beaux Frères has helped set the standard for modern Pinot Noir in Oregon since its founding in the late 1980s by Michael Etzel and his brother-in-law and wine critic Robert Parker Jr. (The name Beaux Frères refers to the French idiom for “brother in law”.) Located on an 88-acre farm, Beaux Frères resides on the most prestigious terroirs of Willamette Valley and has a winemaking technique that differs from “the norm,” characterized by minimal handling. Secondary fermentation occurs naturally at a relaxed pace, as it’s believed a long, slow process gives greater complexity of flavor. And they do not transfer a wine from barrel to barrel to aerate, with their only racking occurring after 10 to 12 months when they rack into a settling tank before bottling. All of this is aimed at preserving the character of their terroir, the personality of the vintage, and the quality of the wine.

Details & Reservations: 305-367-5931