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Paul Hobbs Winery, California
Joined by Chef Virginia Willis
The Paul Hobbs Winery portfolio has been built from the ground up on a foundation of strong, collaborative relationships with the growers of some of Napa’s and Sonoma’s most compelling and historical properties. Meticulous vineyard management followed by minimally-invasive winemaking techniques is their approach to producing wines that express their vineyard origins with utmost finesse, complexity, and authenticity; in other words, wines with a sense of place. As “custodians of the earth,” Paul Hobbs Winery is dedicated to respecting the environment and farming their vineyards sustainably to produce wines that reflect a sense of their vineyard origins. Paul Hobbs wines are fermented with native yeasts, aged in French oak, and bottled un-fined and un-filtered. Owner and winemaker Paul Hobbs, who Forbes named the Steve Jobs of Wine, believes “the key to good winemaking is paying attention”.


Dining Reservations: 305-367-5931