Iate Clube de Santos

São Paulo, Brazil

CLUB ADDRESS: Sao Paulo Avenida Higeanopolis, 18, Higeanopolis, Sao Paulo/SP CEP01238-000 Brazil

WEBSITE: www.icsantos.com.br
CLUB MANAGER: Mr. Augusto   augusto@icsantos.com.br

CLUB LOCATION: Sao Paulo    Avenida Higeanopolis, 18, Higeanopolis, Sao Paulo/SP   CEP01238-000


RESTRICTIONS: Guest can utilize all the Club facilities for free, except: Fitness and Spa, Bars and Restaurants

HOTEL: Santos (Flats) and Angra Dos Reis (Suites)

MARINA: Yes – except Sao Paulo, please consult by email

LAUNDRY: Yes – except Sao Paulo

DINING: All Locations (10 Restaurants and 14 Bars)

DRESS CODE: Evenings: Yachtsman; Day – Informal

SWIMMING POOL: Santos, Ilhabela, Angra facilities

GOLF COURSE: Not in Club Facilities, but golf courses located nearby with reciprocity at the Santos and Angra facilities

TENNIS/CROQUET: Santos and Angra facilities