From: Havana, Cuba


Experience: Carlos Diaz graduated in 1994 with a BS in Physical Education. After taking a specialized master’s program in sports and fitness, he became specialized in sports injuries. Carlos has inherited a passion to help others and for more than 27 years, has been working as a Pilates instructor and licensed massage therapist in Florida. Since 1998, Carlos has worked with people in acute or chronic pain and has gained a full understanding of the relationship between movement, biomechanics, ergonomic assessment, human factors and health. He has created a successful brand and approach named Thera Fit Relief.


After many years of experience working at South Miami Phyisical Therapy and Pilates, he has learned Osteopathy, CranioSacral therapy, Complete Decongestive Physiotherapy & Manual Lymphatic Drainage, MyoFascial Release, MyoSkeletal Alignment, and Strain-Counter-Strain from clinicians and experts in pain management.


Carlos has taught workshops and developed skills in ergonomics, manual therapies, and rehabilitated people through Pilates exercises. Understanding that musculoskeletal disorders often stem from a lack of physical and/or mental health and poorly balanced nutrition, using preventive and supportive scientifically-based approaches will decrease injuries and pain. Carlos is still actively learning to keep informed about the latest research and correct approaches to help people.


My Philosophy: I advocate to guide and approach the wellbeing of a person in various ways, including education and a balanced diet, staying physically active, and becoming mentally as well as spiritually aware in order to achieve optimal health.


Quote: “I enjoy having the opportunity to help people succeed in their health and learn from them.”