Rachel Colassi


From: Jersey girl born and raised, moved to Florida in 2019 for the year-round sunshine.


Service Specialty & Certifications: Specializing in weight management, mind-body fitness, and nutrition. ACSM certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science.


Experience: I have been training and teaching group fitness for 4+ years. While finishing my degree, I worked in a gym introducing exercise to kids from age 3 to 12. After graduating, I moved to Florida to work with a nonprofit company that taught children and teens about nutrition and healthy cooking. From there, I took my experience of teaching and training to help patients in an outpatient facility that focused on eating disorder recovery and rehabilitation. We focused on weight management and finding a healthy balance between nutrition and exercise. Through my years of personal training and health management, I use my experience to help others gain a healthier, happier lifestyle!


My Philosophy: Everybody has a body, and every body is different. I want to take my knowledge of health and wellness to help tailor a routine that will physically, mentally, and emotionally change you in a positive way.


“You are the greatest project that you will ever work on.”