General Questions

What is Vacation Rentals?

Ocean Reef has a long tradition of excellence and value. The protection of these core values is evidenced throughout the community, facilities and services. Beyond some of the intangible assets lies the Members’ physical asset of their home.

To preserve and enhance the Member’s assets, the Ocean Reef Club offers Vacation Rentals. For the Equity Member, while not in residence, participation in the vacation rental opportunity offers asset protection through the Club’s extensive resources while Social Members and Guests are provided the continued pleasure of experiencing the unique lifestyle afforded only through the Club’s world-class amenities and services.

Vacation Rentals is Club owned, Club managed and is committed to providing Membership excellence in every aspect of the relationship. Every Vacation Rental residence has an on-premise, dedicated account specialist ensuring the attention to detail and guest experience is never compromised.

Participating Equity Members appreciate the seamless billing, as warranted, through their Member account, flexible owner usage, bulk purchasing opportunities, on-site reservations, pre- and post- occupancy inspections, generous Owner Referral commissions and integration into the broad based, global Ocean Reef marketing plan.

In-residence Members and Guests enjoy 24/7 support by the Front Desk and Bell Stand, full-service housekeeping, after hours Resident Manager and an on-site engineering team – all staffed by Club Associates.

Your Club has established brand standards and no other team is more prepared to preserve these standards than your Ocean Reef Vacation Rentals’ team.

Are there any special benefits or advantages for those participating in the Ocean Reef Vacation Rentals’ program?

Ocean Reef staffs an on-site Manager on Duty (MOD), 365 days a year to handle after hour emergencies as well as Guest and Owner concerns. Ocean Reef has experienced maintenance personnel on call daily and holidays to quickly resolve any concern and to ensure the highest level of Member service.

Why Ocean Reef Club Vacation Rentals?

A partnership with Ocean Reef Vacation Rentals means that you have chosen a quality experience, supported by the depth and breadth of the Club. This is what sets Ocean Reef apart from any other rental management company. We invest in the resources necessary to ensure the finest experiences. Ocean Reef Members and Guests have established service and quality expectations and no other team is prepared to meet and exceed these expectations.

In addition, Members and Guests enjoying a Vacation Rentals’ residence receive exclusive benefits, while in residence, which increases the perceived value proposition.
Your Vacation Rentals’ department is Club owned and managed. Thus, by working with the Club’s rental program, you are enhancing the value of your Club.

Vacation Rental Guest/Renter FAQs

How does Housekeeping work?

While enjoying a Vacation Rentals’ residence, Members and Guests appreciate the high level of Housekeeping services provided through the Club. Based on request, this service includes cleaning the home, bathrooms, and surfaces, vacuuming and mopping floors, emptying the trash cans, removing the soiled towels and replacing with fresh towels and making the beds, with linen changes when requested.  When the Guest departs, your Housekeeping team provides a ‘departure clean’, which is a full-service effort and readies the residence for the next arrival.

How does Ocean Reef decide which units are rented first?

When a Member/Guest is exploring options, your Lodging Reservations’ team will diligently work to fulfill specific requests (i.e.: residence size; location; pet friendly, interior features; view orientation; etc.). Often times, a Member/Guest will request a specific residence. Not surprising, if the Member/Guest previously had a wonderful experience, they will work to replicate this experience – starting with the same residence. The Reservations’ team is well versed with the subtle nuances of each residence including sleeping configurations and bathroom footprints. Consideration is also given as it relates to the Club’s standards. To ensure we exceed a Member’s/Guest’s expectations, we will first offer the stay in a Premium residence.

Are residences personalized?

One of the interesting nuances of the Club’s collection is each residence is individually owned and, as such, offers a unique experience. We do, however, suggest the residence owner remove sentimental décor items.

Are there restrictions on residences?

By default, all Ocean Reef residences are designated as non-smoking residences. Some residences are designated as “Pet Friendly”.

Understanding our number one priority is to protect the Ocean Reef assets; we have implemented and adhere to a very strict Pet Policy. To start, any Member/Guest bringing a pet into a Vacation Rentals’ residence is charged a pet fee. This is not a deposit but rather a fee so we may professionally clean the residence upon departure. Next, our Housekeeping teams are in the residence daily and they are trained to identify any issues within the home. Finally, a property manager will preview the residence immediately upon Rover’s departure to ensure there is no damage inside the home. Naturally, any damage becomes the responsibility of the Member/Guest.

How is occupancy in residences determined?

Your Club carefully manages occupancy levels beginning with how we market a residence, to reservations, to check-in and while providing daily services. At any time, should we have a concern, we immediately address this with the Member/Guest.

ORCA allows occupancy up to two per bedroom and two ‘at large’. Thus, a two-bedroom residence would customarily provide occupancy up to six. And yes, children are people too so they are included when we consider maximum occupancy.

How are rental rates determined?

Ocean Reef employs two full-time Revenue professionals who monitor demand and occupancy and establish rates based on these factors and various trends in the luxury travel industry. Rest assured, these Associates understand the travel patterns of your fellow Members, Guests and Group travelers. The success of the effort is driven by offering dynamic rates and, more importantly, Member value.

Is boat dockage available?

Some residences certainly provide boat dockage. In some cases, such as a condominium, boat dockage is available, but ‘unassigned’. In short, this simply means the Member/Guest may have the ability to enjoy boat dockage but it is available on a first-come, first-serve basis and is not guaranteed. If boat dockage is desired, we encourage you to contact us for guidance. If the residence you are considering has unassigned boat dockage, we will provide the contact information for the neighborhood association’s dock master. Unauthorized vessels will need to be immediately relocated.

For larger boats, Members/Guests may also work directly with the Ocean Reef Marina.

Can a Member/Guest request an early check-in or late departure?

By definition, check-in is after 4pm and check-out is before 11am. In the event a Member/Guest is requesting an early check-in or late check-out, defined as (check-in between 11am and 4pm; check-out between 11am and 6pm), the Member/Guest will be charged 50% of the daily rate for this convenience. In the event there is an arrival on the scheduled date of departure, the late departure request will be respectfully denied. And, should there be a Member/Guest departing that conflicts with the early check-in request, it is likely the request will be respectfully denied.

Often times, a Member/Guest asks for access to a residence in advance of check-in so they may place some of their perishables in the fridge. While every effort is made to accommodate these requests, we must provide the Club’s teams (i.e.: Housekeeping, Vacation Rentals and Engineering) to facilitate their tasks before we are able to allow access to the residence. As a courtesy, the Bell Stand and Front Desk will assist in storing the perishables prior to check-in.

Can a Member/Guest enjoy access to the golf cart bay, garage or Owner’s golf cart?

The short answer is likely no. The golf cart bay and garages are usually reserved for the Owner’s personal use only. Should a Member/Guest wish to enjoy a golf cart during their stay, we would introduce them to the Club’s Golf Cart Rental team for assistance.

Is golf cart charging available?

This is a commonly asked question and we believe offering cart charging is a thoughtful feature. Please understand, however, this is not always possible. Thus, if the Member or Guest is renting a golf cart from the Club, they are free to return the golf cart as often as they wish and exchange it for a fully charged golf cart. For the convenience of the Member or Guest, the Cart Rental team is also more than pleased to bring the fully charged golf cart to the residence they are enjoying and handle the exchange for them. In most cases, there is a small fee for this personalized service.

Are swimming pools heated? If so, what is the correct temperature?

All swimming pools are heated between December 1 and approximately April 15 (we allow the weather to dictate exact dates). The standard temperature is 86-degrees. While the Member/Guest, on occasion, may request the pool to be heated beyond this point, we may decline this request as a higher temperature tends to strain the pool equipment.

Where does a Member/Guest pick up a key when they arrive?

We ask that all Members and Guests, to ensure the highest level of key integrity, pick up the residence key at the Front Desk. Knowing who is in residence is a very important safety/security initiative. The Front Desk is open 24/7 for the convenience of all Members and Guests. Upon departure, all keys should be returned to the Front Desk.

Will we have access to the residential elevator?

The residential elevators will not be available for use.

We like to travel with special kitchen items. May we ship them to Vacation Rentals in advance of our arrival?

You are free to send your items to us at 35 Ocean Reef Drive, Suite 200, Key Largo, Florida 33037. If needed, we would be pleased to bring your items and place them in your residence prior to your arrival. When shipping items, please inform us in advance so we are prepared for the delivery and include your name on the shipping label to ensure we place the items in the proper residence.

How are rental taxes handled?

Members and Guest pay the prevailing tax rates above the daily rental rate. These taxes are held by Ocean Reef and disbursed, as instructed by the appropriate tax authorities.

Is it possible to enjoy a long-term rental in a residence?

By definition, we consider a long-term rental any reservation longer than 28-days. As a courtesy to the residence owner, we will tentatively accept the long-term reservation, pending the owner’s approval. We appreciate that many of our Members value use of their residence above the rental revenue.

What should we do if we have an issue while enjoying a Vacation Rentals’ residence?

Each Vacation Rentals’ is supported by the depth of the Club’s Engineering department. This is one of the most comprehensive protection plans in the industry. In short, we become your first line of defense. Should any issues arise, we will immediately dispatch an Engineering Associate. Most issues can be quickly resolved. In the event, however, the issue is above our team’s skill set, we will engage, as quickly as possible, the preferred vendor of the owner’s choice.

Does the Club require specific kitchen and housewares inventory?

As you know, the Club has established brand standards and we ask that each residence adhere to these standards. While the residence owner is not required to use a particular type of kitchen and housewares inventory, we will provide a summary of the items we ask that they consider offering in the residence.

I was told there are new ORCA rental rules. What exactly does this mean?

In an attempt to build brand integrity within the Club, ORCA is asking Members to adhere to strict regulations as it relates to rentals. Most of the language is simply common sense (i.e.: noise, parking, etc.). For specific questions regarding ORCA, please feel free to call us.

How will the residence owner know what we think of their residence?

Ocean Reef Club has been built on traditions of excellence. Further to this point is the Club’s commitment to exceeding each Member and Guest’s expectations. For this reason, the Club solicits feedback from all our Guests on their visit. The survey is extremely comprehensive and covers every aspect of the Club experience including the processing of the reservation, arrival experience, food and beverage venues, recreation, retail and so much more. The in-residence portion of the survey explores the Member/Guest experience with lighting, technology, kitchen inventory, furniture, comfort and housekeeping.

We thoughtfully peruse every survey and use this feedback to better understand how we can elevate the Member/Guest experiences. Should the information we learn be of value to the residence owner, we immediately share this with them and work together to achieve higher levels of satisfaction.

What is the $25 daily fee a Member and Guest is asked to pay?

The daily service charge is $15 for one-bedroom residences and $25 for residences two-bedrooms and larger. This daily fee is often confused with a housekeeping fee. However, this is a Club fee that is received and disbursed to the Club’s hourly Associates, as outlined in the Club’s Human Resources compensation plan