General Questions

What is Vacation Rentals?

Ocean Reef has a long tradition of excellence and value. The protection of these core values is evidenced throughout the community, facilities and services. Beyond some of the intangible assets lies the Members’ physical asset of their home.

To preserve and enhance the Member’s assets, the Ocean Reef Club offers Vacation Rentals. For the Equity Member, while not in residence, participation in the vacation rental opportunity offers asset protection through the Club’s extensive resources while Social Members and Guests are provided the continued pleasure of experiencing the unique lifestyle afforded only through the Club’s world-class amenities and services.

Vacation Rentals is Club owned, Club managed and is committed to providing Membership excellence in every aspect of the relationship. Every Vacation Rental residence has an on-premise, dedicated account specialist ensuring the attention to detail and guest experience is never compromised. 

Participating Equity Members appreciate the seamless billing, as warranted, through their Member account, flexible owner usage, bulk purchasing opportunities, on-site reservations, pre- and post- occupancy inspections, generous Owner Referral commissions and integration into the broad based, global Ocean Reef marketing plan. 

In-residence Members and Guests enjoy 24/7 support by the Front Desk and Bell Stand, full-service housekeeping, after hours Resident Manager and an on-site engineering team – all staffed by Club Associates.

Your Club has established brand standards and no other team is more prepared to preserve these standards than your Ocean Reef Vacation Rentals’ team. 

Are there any special benefits or advantages for those participating in the Ocean Reef Vacation Rentals’ program?

Ocean Reef staffs an on-site Manager on Duty (MOD), 365 days a year to handle after hour emergencies as well as Guest and Owner concerns. Ocean Reef has experienced maintenance personnel on call daily and holidays to quickly resolve any concern and to ensure the highest level of Member service.

Why Ocean Reef Club Vacation Rentals?

A partnership with Ocean Reef Vacation Rentals means that you have chosen a quality experience, supported by the depth and breadth of the Club. This is what sets Ocean Reef apart from any other rental management company. We invest in the resources necessary to ensure the finest experiences. Ocean Reef Members and Guests have established service and quality expectations and no other team is prepared to meet and exceed these expectations. 

In addition, Members and Guests enjoying a Vacation Rentals’ residence receive exclusive benefits, while in residence, which increases the perceived value proposition. 
Your Vacation Rentals’ department is Club owned and managed. Thus, by working with the Club’s rental program, you are enhancing the value of your Club.

Vacation Rental Home Owner FAQs

Can I personalize my unit?

While we are happy to make recommendations, we encourage you to make your residence ‘your own’. One of the interesting nuances of the Club’s collection is each residence is individually owned and, as such, offers a unique experience.

We do, however, suggest the removal of sentimental décor items prior to opening your residence to a Member/Guest. If you would like to have these types of items when occupying your residence, please feel free to do so. Prior to your departure, simply store them in your owner's closet for their safety and to avoid mishaps.

Can I place restrictions on my rental unit?

By default, all Ocean Reef residences are designated as non-smoking residences.

To maximize your exposure, we encourage you to designate your residence as "Pet Friendly". Knowing Ocean Reef is a pet friendly destination should come as no surprise. However, did you know many Ocean Reef Club Members pre-plan and seek pet friendly experiences? According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, a full 67% of American households have a little companion in their home. Certainly not all of these families travel with their pet, but this request is becoming more and more prevalent in the luxury travel markets.

Were you aware that, unless you have instructed otherwise, your Ocean Reef residence is marketed as ‘No Pets’? If you are nodding your head, then you have automatically eliminated a substantial portion of the potential Member/Guest travelers from enjoying your residence. As demonstrated, pet owners may be willing to pay a little more for the pleasure of toting Rover along with them when they travel. One might also argue that the duration of the stay may be longer as the Member/Guest isn’t so concerned about returning home quickly to bail out their loved one from puppy ‘jail’.

Indeed, damage to your residence by a pet may be a valid concern. Understanding our number one priority is to protect your asset; we have implemented and adhere to a very strict Pet Policy. To start, any Member/Guest bringing a pet into a Vacation Rentals’ residence is charged a pet fee. This is not a deposit but rather a fee so we may professionally clean the residence upon departure. Next, our Housekeeping Teams are in the residence daily and they are trained to identify any issues within the home. Finally, your property manager will preview the residence immediately upon Rover’s departure to ensure there is no damage inside the home. Naturally, any damage becomes the responsibility of the Member/Guest.

How can we control occupancy in our residence?

Your Club carefully manages occupancy levels beginning with how we market a residence, to reservations, to check-in and while providing daily services. At any time, should we have a concern, we immediately address this with the Member/Guest.

ORCA allows occupancy up to two per bedroom and two ‘at large’. Thus, a two-bedroom residence would customarily provide occupancy up to six.