As one of our Members in Waiting, you have invested in a future family membership to be cherished for generations to come. Ocean Reef Club continues to provide new services, first-class amenities and creative dining options, while also embarking on major capital projects, all of which will be ready and available to you when your invitation to activate arrives. We have created this information portal to keep you updated and excited about your future Club membership.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is the initiation fee for Social Membership Waitlist transferable or refundable?
    The Social Membership Waitlist initiation fee is non-refundable. The Social Membership Waitlist initiation fee can be applied to an Equity Membership if you purchase a property within the first five years of your Social Membership being activated.
  2. Now that the application has been approved, how much do we owe?
    A non-refundable, 50% deposit is required to maintain a position. The remaining 50% is requested when you have been offered your available Social Membership position. Both payments can be submitted by check, credit card, or bank wire.
  3. How often are Social Members activated and released from the waitlist?
    Social Members are activated and released from the waitlist each new year and you will be notified in advance. When an active position is available, a Social Member will submit any remaining portion of the initiation fee and the prorated dues for that membership year.
  4. Can I move to the back of the waitlist if I am not ready for my active position?
    You cannot move to the back of the list once your active position is available. If you decide not to accept you will forfeit your active membership.


  1. How often can I visit as a Member in Waiting?
    You can visit the club twice in five years for up to 14 days as a member in waiting. You can also participate in our Summer access program to activate during our summer months 
  2. What is the Summer Access Membership and when is it available to Members in Waiting?
    Members in Waiting are invited via email to participate in Summer Access during our summer months.
  3. As a Member in Waiting, can I visit for a day?
    No, day access is not available.
  4. As a Member in Waiting, can I bring a friend or a non-Member guest to the Club?
    Please contact the Membership Office to share the Unique Way of Life with colleagues, friends and family.
  5. As a Member in Waiting, am I granted access to Member Only Areas (The Point, Member Fitness Center, Clubhouse Prime)?
    As a Member in Waiting, access is reserved for active Ocean Reef Club Members at The Point, Clubhouse Prime and the Member Fitness Center. Members in Waiting will have access to the Marina Fitness Center by obtaining a pass from the Front Desk or by staying in the Inn.  
  6. What pricing does a MIW receive for activities and purchases at the Club?
    Members in Waiting will receive guest rate unless otherwise specified.

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